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Doorstep living

So Doorstep Living is a term we’ve been seeing a lot on LinkedIn and it refers to people now shopping and socialising where they live, rather than where they work - everything is on their doorstep. ...

Open to better

Coca-cola has launched a new campaign called 'Open to Better' with the aim of uplifting and inspiring people with resolutions to better embrace change and pledge to do things differently in 2021....

Colour of the Year for 2021

I think it’s safe to say that 2020 wasn’t the year we were all expecting, but nevertheless it is one we will all remember, a year which taught us to appreciate the finer things in life and that being kind and supportive is so important. ...

The Great Debate – 2020 Christmas tv adverts

It's that time of year again, the eagerly awaited Christmas ad showdown. That moment when the brightly lit Coca-Cola truck fills our screens, that moment when we all shed a tear for Excitable Edgar, the underdog triumphs, and Christmas is saved. That's the moment we feel like Christmas is on its way, ...

Let’s meet the Toolbox team!

Toolbox Marketing is made up of many wonderful and talented marketers who each work extremely hard behind closed doors to not only fulfil their client's expectations but exceed them! Therefore, we only thought it was only right you get to know them a little better...

National Stress Awareness Day

Today is National Stress Awareness Day, and a feeling that many of us have felt at some point this year, during the coronavirus pandemic. Believe it or not, stress can actually be a good thing. It can improve your brain’s performance, making some people (me in particular!) perform better under stress. It makes you more focused, improves your memory and attention span. ...

Halloween at Home TOP TIPS

Halloween is very popular here at Toolbox Marketing HQ after all it is the perfect excuse to get dressed up and of course eat plenty of sweets! Of course there are some things we have to forego this year, but in true Toolbox style, we have chosen not to get too bummed out about missing the traditional activities, and to just find an alternative way to celebrate. ...

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